Thursday, February 12, 2015

We continue to pray for a miracle. We have social media fundraising bringing in zero so far this month. Trying to put together a dinner but struggling to find a public spot open to us at no cost.

We get multiple messages from the boys asking us when... when will we come? It's hard for us here, but I am seeing, as difficult as this is for us, is far more difficult for the boys. The tone of their messages has changed over this past month. I hear the concern from them as another birthday approaches for the older brother. I keep encouraging them to pray. To trust God as His timing and plan is perfect. That God's knowledge and understanding far exceeds our own.

But on our side... we are stuck. We cannot move forward with finances. We owe both our home study agency and the child placing agency. We recognize everyone's budget is tight. We also recognize that most, even those who have a heart for adoption, struggle with reconciling our need to adopt the boys who are teenagers. So many have stated to us, their questioning how long the boys will even require a family.

I have done my best to share my belief that family is forever. That even thought the boys are indeed teenagers, they are both delayed emotionally and academically. They really are not equipped or prepared, at this point, to live successful, independent lives. Also, it is my belief that families are a life long commitment, not there until we turn 18 and then then we leave, never to return. Families are where we all turn to share our joy, and our sorrow and burdens of this life. They are where we spend holidays and where we eat Sunday dinners after church., They are who we celebrate birthdays and graduation and accomplishments and religious holidays with. And for this family.... "family" is where we cheer on the Green Bay Packers, complete with team apparel, taco dip, and apple ale. When you wrap it all up together its what most of us call "home."  And HOME is exactly what we are trying very hard to give these boys.

Our financial need is $40K.  No donation is too small as we trust God will multiply what is given to meet our exact need. Every penny will go to bringing these 2 boys into our family. Funds that remain after the boys needs are met will be donated to another family in process of adoption.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our family, and our boys who wait in Ukraine, are in desperate need of your help. Most of you have seen the news reports of the conflict currently happening in Ukraine. You see Putin's separatists moving further south and west each day. Each day they move closer to where our boys call home. If the separatists overtake the boys city before we get to them, they will be stuck. Unadoptable to us or any other family.   
I have run several fundraisers over the past few months with little fruit to come from them. We now put forth this attempt for those who are able to come along side us financially and help us bring our sons home. We know what we are walking into. Bob traveled to Lughansk during this conflict to bring our Ryan home just a year ago. He saw the separatists and snipers walking the street, well aware that if they knew he was American, he could be taken. But, also walking in the knowledge that he was doing Kingdom business, taking every step with the Most High God. In His faithfulness, God returned Bob safely home to us, and added Ryan to our family forever. For those of you who are not my facebook friends, here is a link to the video of their homecoming.  
So, with tensions rising daily, we are begging for God's people to see our son's need. Please prayerfully consider joining us on this journey, and if the Spirit leads you to, donate to our adoption fund. Share our need on social media and with your church, friends and family.
We are walking... regardless of what it looks like in the natural. We will trust in God and live this life believing the resurrection really happened. 
 Donation can currently be made through Paypal at email
Please choose the gift option to avoid fees being taken from your sacrificial gift.  If you prefer other options, we will have a donate button on this blog by weeks end. We also have an account set up through Wells Fargo. Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo bank via "Higbie Family Adoption".
We will also have a tax deductible option set up, if you prefer. Please check back in a few days. In the interim, we ask you to please pray and share our need with all you encounter.
Thank you.

We cling to Jesus and believe His promise to us in Mark 11:23, Matt. 21:21, Matt 17:20 and Luke 17:6....
"For verily I say unto you. That whosoever shall say unto the mountain, Be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says will come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says".
To God be the Glory. Forever and Ever. Amen