Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Partnering with Project Hopeful!!!!

You may notice that we have a new donate button on the top right hand side of the blog to help out this family!!!! It's our new PROJECT HOPEFUL button!!!! We are partnering with Project Hopeful to help bring these girls home before they end up on the streets or trafficked!!! These girls deserve a home and a family, something they've never known!!! ALL donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE through our new partnership with Project Hopeful!!!! We will also have giveaways and drawings coming up so stay tuned for more news!!! The family's next payment is due to their agency by the 15th of this month so we need to have all funds in and ready to go by the morning of the 14th!! Please pray that we will meet this goal. They owe $1,800 to their agency this month and this month has been a struggle for them. However, they are trusting God to provide the funds they need to bring these girls home before they age out. If you would like to offer a matching grant or an item for a giveaway please leave a comment!!! All donations welcome!!! We would love to host a huge giveaway later on this summer to help this family bring their girls home and we welcome all partners!!!!